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Summer Dinner
Thursday 21st May 2015 @ 6:45PM at Prioress Room Jesus College.

Our speaker and further details will be announced shortly.

Registration is not yet open.
Event numbers are strictly limited.
Our Dinners are open to non-members.

Our Spring Dinner
Thurs 5th March 2015. Sold out.

We were delighted to welcome Francesca Brosan as our speaker for our Spring Dinner.

Her talk for the evening was:"Digital in the Workplace Friend of Foe created considerable interest and lively debate.

Fran is Chairman and co-founder of Cambridge based Omobono, the digital agency for business brands. She shared insights into how digital technology is impacting on the way we do business and how to take advantage of it.

Further details of the next event appear shortly. Dress is business, and there is ample parking within the College grounds.

Scroll down to see photos from previous speakers and events 

                      Menu from the Spring Dinner


Prioress's Room pre-Dinner. Photo:          

 Previous Dinner Speakers

November 2014: Quintus Travis, CEO Red Balloon Learner Group.
How a small Cambridge tech company attracted a global giant (or "the stuff I know now that I wish I'd known then") - a talk by Quintus Travis, CEO, Red Balloon Learner Centre Group. Sold Out

September 2014: Dr Ian Lewis, Director of Infrastructure Investment, Cambridge University Computing Service as our speaker for the evening.

Ian covered the aspirations to be 'world class' in research within both the university and the region,

May 2014: David Cushman, world renowned speaker on social media, talked about the 10 Principles of Open Business and how this new approach will change the way we do business, a way which major companies are already adopting.

March 2014: Prof Alan Barrell, presided over a lively panel discussion following a presentation on the emergence and explosive growth of crowdfunding, as a credible alternative to bank finance for businesses, by Goncalo de Vasconceles and Bryan Zhang, recognised experts in the field of crowdfunding. We were delighted to have Julian Huppert, MP, attend.

November 2013: Dr Christoph Wiesner, CEO TWI, described the challenges TWI faced from the start, helping Steve Jobs with flat screen technology to school children learning about engineering through collaborative programmes.

May 2013: Dr Andy Richards biotechnology entrepreneur and business angel, spoke about how “personalisation” of medical treatment is a far more effective than focusing on the population as a whole and the constant drive for new drugs.

February 2013: Prof Sir Mike Gregory. "The role of manufacturing in the modern economy". Prof Gregory is Head  of Manufacturing & Management at the University Engineering Department, and Institute for Manufacturing.

November 2012: Dr David Hall  "When engineering and forensics collide". Dr Hall, founder of The Ideas Centre. Innovative ideas can unblock those patterned thinking systems, prevalent within many company management structures.

September 2012: Dr Gerald Avison  "Managing Innovation Success". Dr Avison, co-founder and Chairman of TTP Group. The lessons he has leant from guiding the Group from its very early days to the success story it is today. 

May 2012: Dr Tim Coombs & Dr Jim Haselhof  "The development of superconducting motors" by Dr Coombs, University’s Engineering Power Group. "Standardising "genetic building blocks" by Dr Jim Haselof, Dpt Plant Sciences,

February 2012: Prof Alan Barrell and Dr Brian Cox.Enter the Dragon, A China Evening.

November 2011: Graham Budd, COO ARM Holdings plc Computing in the post-PC era.

Photos from previous Dinners

Pre-Dinner Drinks Prioress's Room

Pre-Dinner drinks on the Orchard Lawn, Jesus College 

Listening to our Speaker

Cambridge 100 Spring Dinner - guests


Drinks on the lawn. Photo:

Listening to the after Dinner talk

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Jesus College Cambridge

Who are Cambridge 100?

We are a non-profit, Dining club, founded over 10 years ago, where innovative business people from the region meet to exchange ideas over quarterly dinners in the splendour of 15th century, Jesus College. 

Over fine Dinners, members, their guests, and non-members, can hear how some of  Cambridge's most successful business men and women manage innovation and technology in the convivial surroundings of Jesus College.

Cambridge 100 Dinners also provide an ideal environment for members and invited guests to entertain important clients in the historic surroundings of a notable Cambridge College.

Benefits of Cambridge 100 membership

To experience what Cambridge 100 can offer, here are just some of the   benefits of membership:

  • Meet prominent business leaders, innovators & investors
  • Quarterly Dinner in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere of 15th Century, Jesus College
  • Hear insightful speakers, at the forefront of business and innovation
  • Significant reduction in the price of a Dinner
  • Bring guests to a Dinner (not open to non-members)
  • Corporate membership available     
You can become a member  here or ask a question

Our aim at Cambridge 100 is:

That businesses in and around Cambridge benefit from access to skills         and experience from members whom they may not necessarily meet       outside their normal networks.

Cambridge 100 is a not-for-profit association, founded on the   principle         that members and guests will benefit more from getting to know each          other by exchanging views and ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

All Cambridge 100 meetings are conducted under Chatham House* Rules,encouraging openness and freedom of information.

Read Ed Goodman's (Cambridge Business Lounge) review of the Cambridge 100 in Cambridge News or on our Blog page.

Our Winter Dinner - November 2014

In conversation. Photo:

Pre-Dinner Drinks. Photo:

Prioress's Room conversation. Photo:

Photos of our previous Speakers

Quintus Travis (left) and our Chairman. Photo:

Dr Ian Lewis (centre left). Photo:

Prof. Alan Barrell (right) Photo:

Dr.Vasconcelles & Bryan Zhang. Photo:

David Cushman (centre)

Dr.Weisner (centre). Photo:

Dr Andy Richards (left)

Prof. Mike Gregory (centre)

Dr. David Hall (right)

Dr Gerald Avison (right)


Photos from previous Dinners


Dr. Julian Huppert. MP

Cambridge 100 Meeting in the Prioress's Room



Cambridge 100 Meeting up in the Prioress's Room

Chatham House Rules*

The world-famous Chatham House Rules may be invoked at meetings to encourage openness and the sharing of information.

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